Get someone to read to you when you are multitasking

Have you ever wished someone could read the news or a book out loud while you are busy doing something else such as cooking and cleaning? Make the best use of your time with @Voice Aloud Reader!

@Voice Aloud Reader is an Android app which can read out what is on your tablet screen from other Android apps or documents saved on your tablet or phone. You can easily save articles and blogs and have them converted to speech later on. It also allows you to adjust the pace, the pitch and the volume of the voice according to your personal preference.

Main features:

1. Reading text aloud over speakers or a headset

2. Save text from other applications such as web browser and Pocket

3. Open text, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, OpenOffice documents or HTML files from Android file system

4. Record spoken articles to sound files

5. Connected to dictionaries, translations, Wikipedia

To install @Voice Aloud Reader on your tablet or phone, follow the steps below:

Go to Play Store from your tablet or phone Search for “@Voice Aloud Reader” and click install @Voice Aloud Reader after installation completed from the application menu Press the play button to start reading the text on the screen and the stop button when you want to rest. You may also pause for a break. Click on the downward arrow on the right on the menu bar to change the voice, the rate, the pitch and the volume. ​

To save an article from another application, go to share page and share it via “@Voice add to list”