Never forget your grocery item again

​Do you have difficulty remembering all your family needs for the upcoming week when you go grocery shopping?
Have you ever got stuck when you cook because you forgot to buy butter?
Are your children or grandchildren skipping breakfast because you overlooked the cereal shelf?

With Evernote app installed on your Simbans tablet, you will never miss any item when you shop at the supermarket! You can create a shopping list at home by jotting down all the items you need to buy with a few taps. If you do not like typing, Evernote allows you to remember everything by taking pictures of the object effortlessly. You can also keep receipts, bills and invoices organized within the app. What’s more, all your notes can be synced across your computer, smartphone and your Simbans tablet.
Main features:
  1. Text Notes: Write and capture ideas as searchable notes, checklist and to-do lists
  2. Handwriting: Take notes by directly sketching on your Simbans tablet
  3. Reminder: Set alarm for your to-do lists
  4. Work Chat: Share your notes and recipes with your family and friends
  5. Attachment: Attach documents and photos to your notes
  6. Camera: Use built-in camera on your Simbans tablet to scan and record any event or information
To install Evernote on your Simbans tablet, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Play Store from your Simbans tablet
  2. Search for “Evernote”, select a free version and click install
  3. Start Evernote after installation completed from the application menu
  4. You may add the Evernote widget to your home screen for quick access
(Please refer to Simbans tablet manuals if you do not know how to add a widget to your home screen. It can be downloaded via Simbans Website)
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