Start training your brain this summer!

Do you like playing games on your Android phone or tablet? What is your favorite game? Do you get easily addicted and forget about your work/ housework? Have you ever felt guilty for spending too much time on one game and felt the time could have been better spent?

Today, I would like to introduce you to Lumosity – a meaningful game which can train your memory and attention. A group of scientists designed this app to help teenagers, adults and the elderlies to stay challenged via a variety of cognitive tasks. You will not get bored as there are over 25 games in this training program. Each day you will get different tasks and the app makes sure you will not exhaust yourself. Thus you will have fun and still have time for your daily chores. Try this out and let us know if you like it!

Main features:

1. Offers over 25 cognitive games

2. Starts with a Fit Test and compare the results against others your age

3. Programmed 5 core daily cognitive abilities

4. Games adapt to your skill level and keep you challenged

5. Tracks your performance and scores

​To install Evernote on your Simbans tablet, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Play Store from your Android tablet

2. Search for “Lumosity”, select a free version and click install

3. Start Lumosity after installation completed from the application menu

4. Register an account with your Facebook account or email

5. Complete the fit test by playing 3 games

6. Start playing the next day

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