How to Draw a Cartoon Cat - Digital Art Tutorial

How to draw a cat | Simbans PicassoTab Drawing Tablet for Beginners

As with any creative process, it’s possible to play around with your Picasso Tab portable drawing tablet and find your own way. Or, you could speed up that process with the help of our cartoon cat tutorial using the Sketchbook Pro App. 

Covering a range of techniques including sketching, coloring, and backgrounds, this fantastic tutorial provides a must-have guide for beginners, as well as those looking to harness their skills.

You’ll certainly be able to enjoy the full benefits of this affordable drawing tablet for beginners when you get to grips with its features using this easy-to-follow guide, which you can rewatch, pause, and rewind, all with no computer required.

Why are Drawing Tutorials Worth Watching?

In less than five minutes, our cartoon cat tutorial provides you with everything that you need to perfect your artistic pursuits moving forward, including –

  • Clear, adaptable instructions
  • A great source of inspiration
  • A resource you can return to
  • A general guide for usage
  • Connection with the creative community
  • And more



Find your Style

Whether drawing cats is high on your artistic list or not, the tips and tricks discussed throughout this guide are specially tailored to help you find your standalone drawing style.

From choosing to import your sketches through to preferred image overlays, you’ll be surprised by how much you can learn from a quick-fire video that doesn’t even take five minutes out of your day!

Simply subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn how to draw a cartoon cat, and much, much more.

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