How to Draw a Witch Cartoon - Digital Art Tutorial

How to Draw a Witch Use Your Drawing Tablet to Make a Living | Simbans PicassoTab XL Standalone Drawing Tablet

In this tutorial on how to draw a witch cartoon, we highlight how great the Picasso Tab XL portable drawing tablet is for beginners and artists at every stage. We’ll talk you through fast-fire techniques, tricks, and tips to use in the Sketchbook Pro app for results that you can rely on, all in as little as five minutes. 

Throughout this tutorial, we discuss key features for drawing quality, including – 

  • Start to create sketches (0:37)
  • Complete color processes (2:52)
  • Background creation (4.45)


For complete beginners or those who are new to the PicassoTab, we also discuss the use of key techniques including layer opacity changes, pressure sensitivity in the fountain pen tool, and duplicate layer creation. 

This video tutorial is ideal for anyone who is: 

Whether this witch cartoon is your starting point or not, the simplicity of this design, and the core techniques used, will help you to get the best from your standalone drawing tablet.

At the very least, this simple witch cartoon design should be all it takes to provide you with the confidence to start making your best art on the most convenient platform possible. 

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