Fix Your Frozen and Unresponsive Tablet

Table Computer Freezing or crashing | Simbans PicassoTab XL Drawing Tablet with Screen

​​​Have you ever felt frustrated because your Android tablet crashed and became unresponsive? If you have never experienced such situation, I would say you have been extremely lucky!

For those of you who come across frozen tablets once in a while, do not panic. It is very likely your Android tablet just need a reboot and all your data, pictures and apps will still be there.

Here are a few common steps you can perform to get it fixed. 


RESTART using a Safety Pin (for Frozen Tablet):

  • Locate a tiny RESET hole on the back (or side) of the tablet and take a pin or toothpick and push it inside. You will hear a click sound.
  • Connect the charger to start charging it. Wait for few minutes and then push the POWER button to start the tablet.

After you restarted the tablet successfully, check if you have recently installed any app(s) which may not be compatible with your tablet or is crashing with your other core apps. Uninstall them to prevent future crash.

RESET from settings:

For Tablets that are running slow or apps are crashing

  • RESET the tablet back to factory settings by going into SETTINGS -> SYSTEM -> ADVANCED -> RESET OPTIONS -> ERASE ALL DATA  
  • (please note that the reset will wipe out all your data and app from the tablet so you may want to copy your files from the tablet to a computer or an SD card before performing this function)


 HARD RESET (For other issues):

  • PRESS and HOLD the power button to switch off the tablet
  • Press and hold the POWER and Volume UP buttons together until the tablet starts and you will see a couple of options come up on the screen.
  • Choose the Recovery Mode form the menu on the screen (use volume and power buttons to move up/down on the menu)
  • From the next screen, choose Wipe data/factory reset.
  • On the next screen select Yes and then the last screen select reboot.
  • (please note that the reset will wipe out all your data and app from the tablet so you may want to copy your files from the tablet to a computer or an SD card before performing this function)

If you still do not get any response after performing the above, leave the tablet aside and let its battery drain. It should power off itself once the battery runs out. Charge the tablet and restart it. 

If none of the above works for your tablet, refer to the user manual of your tablet and follow the specific steps documented there. If you still have no clue on how to get it working, I suggest you contact your product retailer or manufacturer for further customer support.

You can also try re-installing the OS on your tablet. For Simbans tablets, click here to access the OS re-install instructions

If you tablet is broken, find out how to recover your data

There is a chance where your tablet is running out of memory or storage because you have installed too many apps on your tablet, causing the tablet to freeze. Try removing the apps you seldom use to free up the space and ensure a smooth user experience. Have fun :)


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I have to constantly reset this tablet. Less than a year old and it’s very frustrating.

Rachael Mueller

My. DJ App. Keeps. Freezing. after about thirty minutes


I have tried the reset button and waiting for a few minutes before pressing the power button and still nothing happened. I also charged the tablet. Please advise.


this was very helpful my mother would have killed me if i had to get another tablet

dakota cox

I tried the reset hole, nothing happened even after waiting and holding the power button and plugging it in.

Aaron Yagmin

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