How to Draw a Cartoon Tiger - Digital Art Tutorial

How to draw a tiger | Simbans PicassoTab XL Drawing Tablet no computer required

Tigers are famous for their fearsome nature, and you can inject that into your digital art with this handy cartoon tiger tutorial for your large screen Android Picasso Tab XL today.

Suitable for both beginners and those seeking to harness their standalone skills in the Sketchbook Pro app, this tutorial takes you through the creative process from sketch to background, and provides crucial insights along the way, including – 

  • How to use various Sketchbook Pro tools
  • How to use image layering
  • How to get the best sketch lines on a digital display
  • And much more

All you need to hand to benefit from those lessons is your drawing tablet and your pressure-sensitive pen, no computer required! That freedom allows you to use this tutorial however you need, all from whichever location you typically get your best drawing done. And all for the affordable cost of your Picasso Tab XL!



Skip to the Best Bits

Whether you have limited time or want to zoom in on key skills, your ability to skip, pause, and fast forward this video will prove invaluable. We’ve also made that freedom of use simpler by putting together a collection of handy timestamps so that you can always skip to the best bits of this tutorial as follows – 

  • Sketch (0:38)
  • Line art (1:35)
  • Color (2:36)
  • Background (3:35)

With these timings to hand, you can sit back and learn precisely how to draw your best cartoon tiger. Just remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep those lessons coming!  


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