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As a digital artist—by hobby or profession—your tablet is your best friend. And with that comes the apps you use to draw, but which ones are the best? In this article, we’ll help you find out..

From cute cartoons to hype realistic works of art. Lots of people love to draw. But whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established illustrator, the tools you use are just as crucial as the ideas you create.

For those of us who draw on our tablets, here are the best Android drawing apps you can use.

Top 9 Drawing Apps for Android

There are plenty of illustrating apps out there for you to choose—many free, some with add-ons or subscriptions.

We’ve done the homework for you and compiled a list of the top drawing apps for Android tablets.


1. ibis Paint X – Free / $4.99

Stats: 100 million+ downloads, 4.5* rating

The ibis Paint app is a fun program to use, with tons of drawing features. You get access to over 140 brushes, such as watercolor paintbrushes and digital pens. Additionally, the app features layer support, so you can use as many as your device RAM allows.

Plus, it allows you to use filters, blending modes, and even clipping masks. There’s a text feature available if you want to add text to your art. For those who illustrate in a manga-style, there’s even a Screen Tone feature!

The free version includes ads, as well as more limited features. If you upgrade to the Prime version, you get access to 20GB of cloud storage, plus prime features such as fonts and canvases.


2. Sketchbook - Free

Stats: 50 million+ downloads, 4.0* rating

This is a classic drawing app originally created by Autodesk. Sketchbook has long been favored by tablet users. There are over a hundred available brushes, each customizable depending on your needs. Artists can draw on multiple layers, with blending options available.

Besides these tools, there are also guides and rulers for better precision. Sketchbook even features a “Predictive Stroke” for drawing perfectly straight lines.

Many of these features were previously available only to Pro subscribers, but now Autodesk has now spun off this into a new company and have made the Pro version free for everyone.


3. PaperColor - $4.99

Stats: 10 million+ downloads, 3.9* rating

Formerly called PaperDraw, PaperColor’s app tries to emulate the real-life experience of sketching on a piece of paper. PaperColor carries basic features such as different brushes and a color palette for use.

One of the unique tricks of this app is its tracing feature. Artists can import a photo of choice then set it to translucent mode. From there, you can draw over the original photograph to practice your craft. This is especially useful when using your own photographs as background reference.

You can unlock additional features for $4.99, such as layers and blending.


4. Infinite Painter – Free / $9.99

Stats: 10 million+ downloads, 4.1* rating

There are a lot of big names out there, so this app can get lost in the flow. But Infinite Painter is one of the best apps out there for drawing—and has a lot of features for free.

The app comes with over 160 preset brushes, but you can create your own as well. Infinite Painter is designed to mimic painting over canvas textures. You can also paint in layers with blending modes, and for those who create backgrounds, there are perspective guides.

The main app is free, but there are also several features require in-app purchases to unlock.


5. Medibang Paint - $23/year

Stats: 10 million+ downloads, 3.9* rating

The best thing about Medibang Paint is its cross-platform support. If you have the app on desktop and Android, you can draw on one platform, save it to the cloud, then access it on another device. This is great for when you’re drawing on the go and want to finish something on your desktop setup.

Medibang’s UI is straightforward and simple. There’s a notable number of brushes available, with tools for both freehand drawing and comic/manga-style art. You can access tools like gradients, fills, and shapes—which is plenty for what this app costs (nothing!).


6. dotpict - Free

Stats: 1 million+ downloads, 4.5* rating

For a more unique drawing experience, try dotpict! This drawing app lets you create pixel art—building up a drawing one square pixel at a time.

The interface is really simple: Select a color from the palette at the bottom of the screen. The app will provide a pixel grid for you to follow. There are simple buttons such as undo and fill to help your drawing process along.

Once you’re finished, you can export your art in PNG format to share with others. This is an excellent app for creating sprite icons and TTRPG characters—or anything you choose!


7. Simple Draw: Sketchbook -  $0.89

Stats: 1 million+ downloads, 4.1* rating

Keep it simple with Simple Draw! This is great for kids and beginners, since the UI is easy to use. There’s a limited set of brushes and pens, but you can change the sizes and colors depending on your needs.

The app is meant for simple doodles and drawings, so there’s no support for masks, blending, or layers. There’s no text or filters either. You can save your art as PNG, SVG, or JPG. Which it’s somewhat limited, it’s at least still affordable.


8. ArtFlow – Free / $4.99

Stats: 1 million+ downloads, 3.9* rating

This is a full-feature app with over 100 brushes and tools available. ArtFlow supports pen pressure sensitivity when drawing lines, and for those without appropriate pens, there is pressure simulation. There are tools such as smudge, fill, and erase, as well as layer clipping and selection masks.

One bonus to ArtFlow is that the app supports PSD formats, alongside PNG and JPG.

The app is free to use with limited features, including 20 basic tools and 3 usable drawing layers. To unlock more features, upgrade to the Pro model at $4.99.


9. Clip Studio Paint - $6.49

Stats: 1 million+ downloads, 3.7* rating

This is currently exclusive to Galaxy tablets, but if you own one, don’t write off Clip Studio Paint! This fantastic desktop drawing app has adapted itself to tablets for on-the-go illustrations. The tablet version is more limited than the full-featured desktop one, but it’s still more than worth it.

CSP supports pen pressure sensitivity through the S Pen, plus a line stabilization feature to prevent shakiness. There is a range of preset brushes such as pencils and oil paints, but you can also customize your own. You also gain access to CSP’s extensive 3D asset library, including patterns and 3D models, to make drawing more efficient.


Drawing on Your Android Tablet

You don’t need enormous screen tablets to become a digital artist; Android tablets such as a PicassoTab can support your drawing app of choice. There’s a wide variety of tools and tricks available to you on the go, so you never have to miss out when an idea sparks.

Creativity doesn’t wait—so draw what you can, when and where you can with these Android drawing apps!

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