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PicassoTab Detachable Keyboard - Refurbished

PicassoTab Detachable Keyboard - Refurbished

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Detachable Keyboard for PicassoTab 

- Only works on 10 Inch PicassoTab Drawing Tablet


NOTE: This is a refurbished product. Works like NEW. May have some minor scratches.

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Customer Reviews

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RUSSELL Stickley

PicassoTab Detachable Keyboard - Refurbished


Good quality and fast delivery

deborah lujan

I bought this as companion for the Simbasa Picasso tablet. It was perfect, my granddaughter was very happy. keyboard was the same color as the tablet. now she has a whole tablet and can use it for school.

I Really Like This Product.

This is me testing out the keyboard for the Simbans Picasso Tab. I recently bought this and I think it works great for the most part. There are some things I wish this keyboard did better. I would have liked the keyboard to be a little bigger but i understand why it isn't. I also wish the button to turn off the tablet wasn't so close to the backspace button, because I keep accidentally turning off my tablet when typing. The track pad also needs some work because it does not work properly when i try to scroll down it does not scroll unless i scroll really fast, even then it still has some trouble. This might just be my keyboard but it still is a problem.

I have tried playing some games with a mouse and this keyboard but not many games support it, it still works good for the games that do. It feels a little weird because the keyboard is smaller than most but apart from that it is easy to get used to.

The keyboard has two usb slots for whatever you need it for. This keyboard is fantastic for work or school (especially online school). If you have a Simbans Picasso Tab but no laptop this is a good thing to add to your cart. The keyboard attaches magnetically and it won't be falling out by accident. It has special buttons to make the android system easier. Overall I love this product . If you are planning to get this product i recommend getting a mouse with it, whether its bluetooth or with a usb one it is better than the track pad.