How to Draw a Bird's Nest - Digital Art Tutorial

How to draw a bird's Nest | Simbans PicassoTab Standalone Drawing Tablet

Have you always struggled to perfect the intricate details of a bird’s nest? If yes, then this handy digital art tutorial is the ideal guide for you. Simply sit back, press play, and learn how to draw a brilliant bird’s nest from start to finish on your Android PicassoTab drawing tablet using the Sketchbook Pro app.

How to Use This Tutorial

We’ve worked hard to make our digital art tutorials as accessible as possible, meaning that you can use our bird’s nest guide however you choose, with no computer required. In fact, to finish this fantastic bird’s nest in just over five minutes, all you need is – 

  • Your Picasso Tab
  • Your pressure-sensitive pen
  • A pencil sketch (optional)
  • A whole load of creative inspiration

Throughout this tutorial, you can skip, pause, and rewind to perfect every element. Timestamps worth remembering to ensure that you get the best out of each technique include – 

  1. Sketch (0:45)
  2. Line art (1:36)
  3. Color (2:18)
  4. Background (4:21)



Skills for Every Stage

For beginners and those still getting to grips with their standalone drawing tablet, this tutorial can help to ensure the best results in digital display, with a range of techniques that’ll make it easier for you to perfect –

  • Your standalone preferences (e.g. sketch vs freehand)
  • Layering your images
  • Playing around with colors and tools
  • And much more

All of this can make your already affordable PicassoTab the best investment you’ve made all year. Even better, there are plenty more tutorials just like this over on our YouTube channel!

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