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Terms and Conditions 

Warranty covers any manufacturing defects in the device reported within 1 year of the purchase.
The warranty on Chargers , USB cable or other accessories is for first 90 days. ​

Warranty does not cover damages to the device (e.g. broken screen, broken charging port etc)
If there is any damage occurred/reported within 1 year of purchase, buyer can contact us for repair quotation as we provide repair service at a nominal/subsidized cost.
We don't provide damage repair service on devices that were purchased more than 1 year ago.

Shipping Cost:
We will pay for shipping (both sides) if the defect occurs within first 30 days of purchase.
We also accept returns and provide full refund for any defect occurred within 30 days of the purchase.
After first 30 days and till 1 year of the purchase, buyer is responsible to pay one-side shipping cost to send the item in for repair.

Damages reported as Defects:
As defects are covered under the warranty but damages are not, we expect the buyer to provide a complete list of symptoms before sending the device in.
As the chances of a manufacturing defect occurring after first 6 months of the purchase are very low, we reserve the right to charge $20 fee for diagnosis.
The diagnosis fee is refundable if the issue is found to be a true defect.

Time to Repair:
The estimated time to repair and send the unit back is between 1 to 2 weeks.
As we try our best to provide a quick turnaround time on the repair, 80% of all repairs are completed within 1 week.
Only 20% of the devices need more than 1 week turn around as they are sent to the factory to fix some critical issues.

Personal Information Protection:
Please remove all your personal information before sending the unit for repair.
We may wipe out all data on the device before it goes into the repair department to protect your privacy.
The manufacturer may send a replacement unit instead of repairing the defective one at his own discretion.

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