How to Make Money Selling Art using NFTs

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Cryptocurrency is on the rise with more companies getting into the hype. And the latest sensation to come out of cryptocurrency is NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

You may have heard stories about digital artists making big money selling their art as NFTs and wondered if you could do the same.

The good news is: Yes, you can!

NFTs aren’t just for people with huge followings. Anyone can mint and sell an NFT for profit—regardless of artistic experience. But for beginners looking to get started, here’s a rundown of how to make money through NFTs.


What’s an NFT?

An NFT or “non-fungible token” is a cryptographic token integrated into the blockchain. This means it is a crypto asset that you cannot alter or recreate, making it one of a kind. Think of an NFT like a painting: Each piece is unique, with differing values.

The value of an NFT is determined by:

  • Rarity: Many artists have minted huge collections of NFTs, with some being less common than others.
  • Utility: Some NFTs also act as a way to access things in the “Metaverse,” increasing the value since they have a practical function.
  • Social Proof: If you have a large following or other social credit, then the piece will be worth more as well.

All this means that the more unique a piece is, the more useful, and the more people who want it—the higher its value.


Selling Your Art as an NFT

Anything digital can be an NFT: Tweets, comics, photos, social media posts, and even music. That being said, the most common form of NFT is digital art. Here are the steps you need to take to create and sell your very own NFT:


1.    Create Digital Art

The first step is to create your digital art. Anyone can become a digital artist with patience and practice. Beginners can start with an affordable drawing tablet, like the PicassoTab. We highly recommend it since it’s a standalone drawing tablet that comes with a pen and pre-installed drawing apps.


2.    Create a Crypto Wallet Account

Next, you’ll need a crypto wallet to access your digital currency. The most common crypto platform for NFTs is Ethereum, which you can link to payment options such as Apple Pay or even a debit card.


3.    Choose an NFT Marketplace

Following that, you get to choose your desired NFT marketplace. There are several available, with some of the most popular including OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, and Mintable. Sign up for the one you feel best suits your NFT needs.


4.    Mint Your Piece

From there, you’ll need to “mint” your art. If you don’t know what that means don't worry. It’s just the process of turning a digital asset into an NFT. It turns your digital file onto an asset integrated into the ETH blockchain. Each marketplace will have a step-by-step guide to show you how to mint your artwork so it becomes an NFT.

Once your NFT is minted and uploaded and you’ve connected your crypto wallet to the platform, you can list your NFT for sale. At this point, you will need to market it on your social media platforms and websites to encourage NFT buyers to purchase your work.


5.    Market your NFTs

Lastly, just because you made an NFT doesn't mean people will buy it—you also need to advertise it. If no one knows it exists, how can they buy it? Start by creating a social media channel for your art, like on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Here are some tips for places to connect with other artists or those interested in your work:

  • Facebook Groups: As one of the biggest social media platforms, it has a lot of groups dedicated to all kinds of artistic communities. You can even post your artwork in the online Marketplace as well.
  • Reddit Communities: Find a community of artists on Reddit and start connecting with others there. You can even share your artwork to get feedback in some beginner spaces.
  • Discord: There are a lot of communities out there for artists on Discord. If you create fan art, you might even join spaces dedicated to the media you’re inspired by!
  • TikTok: Lots of digital artists promote their work on TikTok and you never know when you'll go viral! Take videos of your process or share relatable content that other artists will resonate with to boost your following.


PicassoTab: Your Partner to Create NFTs

Making money through NFTs is confusing at first, but anyone can do it with a little bit of effort. And like any art form, it takes patience and work. You’ll need to invest in necessary tools and some marketing—but it’s well worth it. And if you’re looking for a great tablet to get started,  Simbans can help you there with its roster of Drawing tablets such as the PicassoTab.

Once you’ve made that first sale, you’ll feel the effort was worth it. Then you can start saving up your cryptocurrency to turn into regular currency or use it in stores that accept crypto as payment.

For more tips on digital art, tablets, and NFTs, be sure to follow our blog!

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