How to Draw a Cartoon Dog - Digital Art Tutorial

How to Draw a Dog | Simbans PicassoTab XL Portable Drawing Tablet

Whether you’re just starting on your artist’s journey or are new to the world of drawing tablets, this tutorial on how to draw a dog cartoon contains everything that you could need to get to grips with your new Picasso Tab XL, including crucial tips such as – 

  • Using the Sketchbook Pro App
  • Importing your sketches
  • Layering your artwork
  • Filling block colors
  • And more

Using a simple three-step process that’s suitable for beginners and established artists, we’ll show you how to get the best quality results out of this affordable drawing tablet, with no computer required. Simply draw along by skipping to the parts of the process that are relevant to your progress as follows –

  1. Sketching your dog (0:42)
  2. Coloring your dog (3:17)
  3. Filling your background (4:20)


By creating your own top-quality cartoon dog, you’ll feel far more confident when using your PicassoTab, and will be able to perfect everything from the correct pen pressure to your preferred ways of working on this new medium.

Using that base knowledge and inspiration, you’ll then be better prepared to perfect your digital artwork creations in a PicassoTab that you’ll never again want to leave the house without. 

All of this and more can be yours in under five minutes with the help of our handy cartoon dog guide.

Equally, you can benefit from more tutorials just like this when you subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch regular updates that will always keep your standalone creative processes moving in the right direction.

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