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PicassoTab XL Portable Drawing Tablet

PicassoTab XL Portable Drawing Tablet

Large Screen, Standalone, Designed for Beginner Digital Graphic Artist

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  • DRAW ANYWHERE: PicassoTab XL is a standalone drawing tablet that doesn’t need to be connected to a computer to work. 
  • All-IN-ONE PACKAGE: When you buy a PicassoTab XL, you don’t just get a tablet. It’s an all-in-one package that comes with all the accessories you need to protect and maintain the device. 
  • BIGGER SCREEN, LARGE DISK: PicassoTab XL comes with a 11.6 inch screen which gives you 30% more screen area to enjoy your drawing and IPS HD resolution makes the art crystal clear. 
  • WATCH, PLAY or SURF: PicassoTab XL is an android-based device that makes it compatible with all your favorite apps. Connect your tablet to your home WIFI network and you can take this tablet wherever you are; your entertainment always goes with you. 
  • CERTIFIED QUALITY and WORRY-FREE PURCHASE: Certification by GMS, FCC and CE standards provides you the peace of mind for safety as well as quality. Comes with 1-year warranty, along with best customer service our support staff can provide. 

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PicassoTab XL 11.6 Inch Drawing Tablet use anywhere - Simbans

Draw Anywhere

The PicassoTab is a stand-alone drawing tablet that doesn’t need to be connected to a computer to work. You can take your work and art anywhere and everywhere, from the park, a bus, or even school. Your artistic drive doesn’t need to be shackled to a desktop when using the PicassoTab.

PicassoTab XL 11.6 Inch Drawing tabletLarger Screen - Simbans

Much Larger Screen

The original PicassoTab (10 inch) is one of the most popular portable drawing tablets and we just made it BIGGER and Better with the PicassoTab XL.

It gives you 30% more screen area to express your creativity.

Screen on PicassoTabXL Showing Preinstalled Drawing Apps - Simbans

Pre-installed Drawing Apps

The PicassoTab comes pre-installed with helpful drawing apps, allowing you to get a running start as a digital artist.

Every PicassoTab comes with a copy of Sketchbook which is an illustrating, sketching, and painting software that perfectly mimics real-life materials. The app provides a paper-like response, perfect for transitioning from physical art to a digital medium.

PicassoTabXL All in One Drawing Tablet Showing Accessories Included - Simbans

All-in-One Package

When you purchase a PicassoTab, you get all the accessories you need to unlock the device’s full potential.

Unlike other tablets, the PicassoTab comes fully decked out with the tools and add-ons every new tablet owner needs.

Picasso Pen 2 - Pressure Sensitive Drawing Stylus - Simbans

Pressure Sensitive Pen (PP2)

Comes with an upgraded Picasso Pen 2 with 1024 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity which will allow you to create different strokes.

Hand Showing Palm Rejecting Technology while Drawing with Picasso Pen - Simbans

Palm Rejection Technology

PicassoTab comes with state-of-the-art Palm Rejection Technology.

The feature allows you to draw while resting your palm on the screen and As a bonus, each PicassoTab comes with a drawing glove. Wearing the glove gives the Palm Rejection Technology better precision, making the drawing experience even more accurate!

  • Digital Drawing of Cartoon Character on Drawing Pad - Simbans
  • Young man Art on PicassoTab - Simbans
  • Dinosaur Art on PicassoTab - Simbans
  • Digital Art Drawing of Dachshund with Purple Background - Simbans
  • Young lady Art on PicassoTab - Simbans
  • PicassoTab XL For work or School
  • Digital Artwork of Anime Girl Created on Picasso Tab Drawing Tablet - Simbans
  • Portrait of Man Created on PicassoTab Drawing Pad - Simbans
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Est elle compatible avec le clavier de la picasso tab normale?

Great for artist

Got this for my daughter. We had the original smaller one but was dropped and cracked. We got the big one and she loves it.

Buckeye Ranch
Well worth the purchase

I'm just getting into design and what we'll call art work on a tablet. Always been a graph paper and pencil kinda guy. I love the way it works out when laying out my thoughts and the different ways to express it using this tablet. Highly recommend it.

Rheanna Einwalter
Good buy

I purchased this particular tablet because I wanted one that did not need to be plugged into a computer to use it. This comes with a drawing program already built in, and it is very easy to use. Perfect for beginners. The size is also very nice, not too big or small. Really happy with it so far. My son uses it for our digital art lessons for homeschool.

Charlie heartland
A Christmas gift

I am inspiring artist who wants own a graphic drawing tablet and 11 .6 inch would be perfect for me to own and was wondering when this product should come out exactly like time next year is confusing to me ? The website is very vague is to when is it coming out is it around Christmas ? Because this tablet would make perfect gift for myself to draw art pictures for people I know.😀

George Howard
Interested consumer

What month or day of next year is this coming out just curious thank you

Lucy Watson
Which tablets should i buy of picasso tablets 10 inch or 11inch

Hi am wondering because interested in Picasso tablets which one i should buy 10 inch one or should i wait get 11 inch tablet am also beginning artist drawing cartoons are hobby of myself and want be cartoonist when I go to college and want something to express myself with and my art and don't want buy super expensive apple or sumsang tablets. Also simple person and really not great with tech or computers or laptops so be awesome if you have any suggestions because am stuck and when is new PicassoTab XL coming out because I would review your product if you like because searched online for good drawing tablets not one was in price range or hooked on to something not techy like explained earlier so be great thank you for reading this appreciate it and looked at PicassoTab XL couldn't find date when this product was coming out it confused me please let me know thank you .

  • PicassoTab XL 11 Inch Tablet Screen Size - Simbans


    Size: 11.6” IPS Resolution: HD+ 1366 x 768

  • PicassoTab XL MT8175 Tablet Processor Icon - Simbans


    Chipset: MT8175 Graphics: Mali-G52 MC1

  • PicassoTab XL Portable Drawing Tablet Battery Icon - Simbans


    Capacity: 7,000mAh
    Life: 5 to 8 Hours

  • Simbans PicassoTab 10 Inch Drawing Tablet Wifi Icon - Simbans

    Wireless Type

    BT: v4
    Wi-Fi: 2.4 and 5 GHz

  • Simbans Tablet Micro SD Compatibility Icon - Simbans


    ROM: 64 GB

    RAM: 4GB

    Micro SD: Up to 128GB

  • PicassoTab Drawing Tablet Camera Icon - Simbans


    Rear: 8MP

    Front: 5MP

  • Simbans Tablet Picassotab TangoTab MicroHDMI Port- Simbans


    Micro HDMI

  • PicassoTab XL Android™ 11 OS - Simbans


    Android™ 11