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PicassoTab X14 Largest Stand-Alone Drawing Tablet

PicassoTab X14 Largest Stand-Alone Drawing Tablet

Huge Screen, Standalone, No Computer Needed

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  • LARGEST PORTABLE DRAWING TABLET: Experience the X14, the ultimate drawing tablet with its impressive 14.1-inch Full HD screen. Uniquely designed to operate independently from a computer, it offers artists and creators an expansive drawing area that surpasses any other tablet currently available. This generous screen size provides ample space for artistic expression, allowing users to bring their creative visions to life with precision and detail.
  • IMMERSIVE DRAWING EXPERIENCE: Experience exceptional drawing with the X14. Its fully laminated screen greatly reduce parallax, creating a minimal gap between the stylus and the screen. The anti-glare feature further enhances the viewing experience by reducing reflections and drawing on the X14 feels remarkably similar to drawing on paper, offering a natural and intuitive artistic process.
  • PREMIUM SOFTWARE: Elevate your creative potential with the X14's inclusion of premium drawing and animation apps. Experience the power of pre-installed apps like Concepts, Infinite Painter, and Flipaclip, which offer advanced tools and features to enhance your artistic endeavors. Additionally, the X14 comes with Artixo, a specialized app that provides step-by-step tutorials tailored for those new to drawing, allowing beginners to learn and develop their skills with ease.
  • DO MORE THAN JUST DRAWING: Equipped with 6GB RAM and a spacious 128GB disk, it offers ample storage for storing a vast collection of pictures and drawings on your tablet. Beyond its drawing capabilities, the X14's octa-core CPU ensures smooth performance, allowing you to effortlessly enjoy Netflix movies with exceptional ease. Experience the versatility of the X14 as it seamlessly transitions from being your creative hub to a portable entertainment center, providing you with the perfect balance of productivity and leisure all in one device.
  • CERTIFIED QUALITY and WORRY-FREE PURCHASE: Rest easy knowing that the X14 meets rigorous safety and quality standards with certifications from GMS, FCC, and CE. Additionally, it comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring your peace of mind. Our dedicated support staff is committed to providing the best customer service possible, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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Draw Anywhere You Want | Simbans PIcassoTab X14

Unleash Your Creativity On the Go

  • Unleash your artistic potential anywhere with the X14. This versatile drawing tablet allows you to draw and create wherever inspiration strikes.
  • With its portable design and standalone functionality, you have the freedom to express your creativity without limitations.
  • Whether you're at home, in the park, or on the go, the X14 enables you to draw anywhere, transforming any location into your personal art studio.
Much Larger Canvas | Simbans PicassoTab X14 Standalone Drawing Tablet

Larger Canvas

The original PicassoTab (10 inch) is one of the most popular Android drawing tablets and we just made it BIGGER and Better with the PicassoTab X14.

It gives you DOUBLE the screen area to express your creativity.

Included and Compatible Apps | Simbans PicassoTab X14 Standalone Drawing Tablet

Pre-installed Apps

  • Pre-installed Concepts and Infinite Painter, two exceptional digital drawing apps that provide a wide range of advanced features for creating stunning artwork. (PRO upgrade for Concepts Included)
  • With FlipaClip, unleash your animation skills and bring your drawings to life.
All in one device that suits all your needs | Simbans PicassoTab X14 Standalone Drawing Tablet

All-in-One Package

When you purchase a PicassoTab, you get all the accessories you need to unlock the device’s full potential.

Unlike other tablets, the PicassoTab comes fully decked out with the tools and add-ons every new tablet owner needs.

4098 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity | Simbans PicassoTab X14 Standalone Drawing Tablet for Beginners and Professionals

NEW Picasso Pen 4

  • The NEW Picasso Pen 4 seamlessly connects and integrates with the PicassoTab X14, serving as the ideal companion for your creative endeavors.
  • Experience unparalleled precision with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, granting you precise control over stroke width.
Palm Rejection Technology | Simbans PicassoTab X14 Standalone Drawing Tablet

Palm Rejection Technology

  • The revolutionary Palm Rejection Technology of the Picasso Pen eliminates the frustration of unwanted palm strokes registering on the screen.
  • Enjoy the freedom to draw naturally with your palm resting on the tablet, just as you would on paper.

Anti-Glare Technology

The anti-glare feature reduces reflections, providing optimal visibility and making your drawings truly come to life.

Fully Laminated Screen

The fully laminated screen minimizes parallax, creating a seamless connection between the stylus and the screen, allowing for precise and natural drawing.

  • Digital Drawing of Cartoon Character on Drawing Pad | Simbans PicassoTab XL 11.6 Inch Drawing Tablet for Beginners
  • Young man Art on PicassoTab | Simbans PicassoTab XL 11.6 Inch Drawing Tablet for Beginners
  • Dinosaur Art on PicassoTab | Simbans PicassoTab XL 11.6 Inch Drawing Tablet for Beginners
  • Digital Art Drawing of Dachshund with Purple Background | Simbans PicassoTab XL 11.6 Inch Standalone  Drawing Tablet
  • Young lady Art on PicassoTab | Simbans PicassoTab XL 11.6 Inch Drawing Tablet for Beginners
  • PicassoTab XL For work or School | Simbans PicassoTab XL 11.6 Inch Drawing Tablet for Beginners
  • Digital Artwork of Anime Girl Created on Picasso Tab Drawing Tablet | Simbans PicassoTab XL 11.6 Inch Drawing Tablet for Beginners
  • Portrait of Man Created on PicassoTab Drawing Pad | Simbans PicassoTab XL 11.6 Inch Drawing Tablet for Beginners
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Martial Guennec
Ma tablette Picasso Tab X14

Quant j'ai du temps libre cette tablette de bonne autonomie me procure de bonne sensation ; agréable en plus pour progresser en dessin de concept art!

Marie Santini
Belle tablette et super service client

Tablette offerte à notre fille, passionnée de dessin, pour ses 10 ans. L'écran est immense, le stylet fluide, plusieurs applis sont intégrées dont une permettant de faire des dessins animés.
Nous avons eu une mésaventure avec le matériel mais elle a été immédiatement traitée avec réactivité et sympathie par le service client. Merci encore, avec une mention spéciale à Alex :)

Desmond Menz
PicassoTab X14 surprise

Having produced CAD engineering drawings for 20 years or so, I decided to try something different and looked around for a graphics-type drawing tool. Then I came across PicassoTab X14 and the Concepts app. Wow! This combination has now given me a nice size screen, a very useful app, and has transitioned me into a very different way to produce the plans that I need to create. But there's so much more that PicassoTab X14 can do, and I very much prefer its wireless capability and portability. And its price is unbeatable for what it can do.

Better than expected so far.

When it arrived at my place, I got very scared. I was trying to turn it on but the screen would go dark after a couple of seconds, but some sounds remained (if I remember correctly), meaning it was on even if I couldn't see anything. Turns out I had to point my flashlight towards the camera for the screen to "work correctly" (go in parameters and stop the auto adjusting luminosity. The screen had no problem).
Anyway, it's been a bit more than a month and I was pretty surprised by how good it was compared to the first Picassotab I got (the little one, got it ~3 years ago). The screen is fine, the pen is great. It's heavy, it's elegant and does the work pretty well. I'm not a huge fan of the case (colour, and option to make it stand is kinda scary (doesn't look very stable compared to the case of little one). Also, dust can accumulate in the holes of the case), but it's not such a big deal.
Palm rejection isn't always great but the glove helps (careful tho if your arm under the glove touches the screen, it might count it as flesh. Can be annoying but can be avoided).
(Fyi it has no jack plug)

Overall, it's great ! A lot better than the one I had before, very responsive and is amazing with Clip Studio Paint ! In comparison, I used to only use my old Picassotab for sketches, as it wasn't good with big canvases, big files. But now, I draw on the X14 easily and it's a big relief for my money (as it's still pretty affordable) and my productivity.

Ah, maybe just one last thing. When I first tried to draw with CSP, the stylus wasn't sensitive enough. I guess depending on the app, it might respond differently. But as for me, I just had to change the sensitivity in the app's parameters, then it was all good.

Hope this helped if you're looking for artists reviews !

Alain bien

vers Good tablet

Fred Sherman
First Tablet

Not bad - I like. The speaker is not great - kind of cheesy. Other than that - a good purchase and a good tablet. Just getting started using the drawing apps.

kirsty Barraclough

My daughter absolutely love this tablet the size is brilliant and she is creating some beautiful art on it best purchase I’ve made

  • Screen

    Size: 14.1” IPS Resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080

  • Processor

    Chipset: MT8183

    Graphics: Mali-G72 MP3

  • Battery

    Capacity: 10,000mAh
    Life: 10 to 12 Hours

  • Wireless Type

    BT: v5
    Wi-Fi: 2.4 and 5 GHz

  • Memory

    ROM: 128 GB

    RAM: 6 GB

    Micro SD: Up to 1 TB

  • Camera

    Rear: 13 MP

    Front: 8 MP

  • Connections


  • OS

    Android™ 13