How to Draw a Fantasy Elf - Digital Art Tutorial

How to draw an elf princess | Simbans PicassoTab Drawing Tablet for Beginners


Find out how dreamy your large screen PicassoTab Android drawing tablet really is with the help of this fast-fire elf tutorial in the Sketchbook Pro app. 

Suitable for both beginners and those looking to have fun while harnessing their skills, we talk you through everything that you need to know about both basic and advanced processes, including coloring, sketching, and image overlays. 

An Elf Tutorial to Take on the Road

Its standalone benefits are the best selling point of the PicassoTab, allowing for free-flowing creations, and the accessibility of high-quality tutorials like this with no computer required.

Regardless of where you find your best inspiration, this fast-fire elf cartoon guide is therefore on-hand to help you perfect your processes with advice on everything from - 

  • Image layering
  • Using your pressure-sensitive pen
  • Importing sketches vs sketching freehand
  • Making the most of features like the fountain pen
  • And more

Your ability to restart, rewind, and pause this video tutorial depending on how you intend to use it can especially help you to start developing a personal style that is sure to see your artwork looking great in digital display for a long time.




Learn how to Make the Most of Your PicassoTab

The PicassoTab is a fantastic and affordable solution for anyone in the market for a drawing tablet. You can make even more of that investment with tutorials just like this one, and the many more that you can keep on hand when you subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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