Best 7 Tablets with Keyboard in 2022 for Students

Best Tablets with Detachable Keyboards | Simbans TangoTab 10 Inch Tablet with Keyboard

If you are looking for a portable tablet with keyboard which could potentially replace your laptop for your simple day-to-day work or entertainment, take five minutes to read our top picks below.

There are a number of selection criteria such as weight and battery life you should consider before purchasing a tablet with keyboard.

The first selection criterion to look at is usually the operating system you would like to use.

For iOS (Apple) users

iPad Air 2020 (4th Generation)

iPad Air is no doubt one of the best tablets running on iOS developed by Apple.

The 4th generation comes with a 10.9-inch Retina display and a powerful A14 Bionic chip (40% faster performance and 30% faster graphics).

It supports the Apple Pencil and the Magic Keyboard with trackpad, turning it into a great competitor of laptop or even Apple’s iPad Pro.

Touch ID is back in this model, making the tablet one of the most secure in the market and you no longer need to take off your mask to get through the authentication process.

The best part of the deal is that the tablet itself only weights 460g and the Magic Keyboard wights 601g, i.e., 1.06kg for the combo and you get the option to just bring the tablet if typing is not required for the day.

Ipad Pro Magic Keyboard | Simbans TangoTab XL 11 Inch al in one tablet with Detachable Keyboard

iPad Pro

    iPad Pro (11 inch or 12.9 inch) is another option for iOS users. It comes with more powerful processor, camera, connection components but when combined with the Magical Keyboard, it weighs 1.35kg which is heavier than a MacBook Air and is similar to a MacBook Pro.

    The price could be doubling that of iPad Air (4th generation) depending on the screen size you pick.

     Ipad Pro 12th Gen Magic Keyboard | Simbans TangoTab XL 11 Inch al in one tablet with Detachable Keyboard

    For Windows users

    Microsoft Surface Pro 7

    If you are a big fan of Windows operating system or need to use Microsoft Office extensively, consider Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7.

    Positioned as the next-gen, best-in-class laptop, Surface Pro 7 offers portability while maintaining the productivity and power consumption efficiency of a laptop.

    This tablet is best if you need to multitask often as Windows operating system allows multiple applications to run on the screen at the same time.

    The 12.3-inch tablet weight slightly over 1kg with keyboard and case, which is great but you will also need to pay a slightly higher price for the flexibility it offers.




    Surface Pro | Simbans TangoTab XL 11 Inch al in one tablet with Detachable Keyboard



    Lenovo Miix 520 Tablet

      Similar to Microsoft Surface Pro 7, the Lenovo Miix offers similar advantages just by running Windows operating system.

      What is new is that it supports up to 150 degree of angle adjustment, enabling you to optimize your experience when working, watching movies and gaming.

      The only down side of this tablet is that it only lasts for 8 hours, 2 hours less than what all other tablets offers on average.



      Surface Pro | Simbans TangoTab XL 11 Inch al in one tablet with Detachable Keyboard



      For Android users

      Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

        Needless to say, Android users know they enjoy access to 1.85 million different apps on Google Play Store and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is the best Android tablet with keyboard you can find in the market now, especially if you are heavy on visuals.

        Built with Super AMOLED display, the tablet comes with an S Pen stylus which has a latency of just 9ms and is perfect for drawing/ creating illustrations and taking notes.





        Samsung detachable Keyboard | Simbans TangoTab XL 11 Inch al in one tablet with Detachable Keyboard




        Simbans TangoTab

          For Android users who appreciate the speed of the operating system and comes with a tight budget, Simbans TangoTab is the perfect choice.

          For one third of the price you pay for any of the tablets recommended above, you get a fully functional Android tablet with keyboard with large disk and TV connectivity. Microsoft Word, Excel and WPS office apps are pre-installed onto the tablet for all your productivity needs.

          There is a USB port which allows you to connect a wired mouse to the tablet.


          Simbans TangoTab 10 Inch Tablet with Detachable Keyboard


          Simbans TangoTab XL

          In case you are looking for a larger tablet, consider the TangoTab XL, an affordable tablet with keyboard to fulfill your productivity needs.

          It is also great for students or children looking to learn coding. Scratch Junior, a visual programming language designed to introduce programming skills to children, is pre-installed onto the tablet.

          This could be a nice Christmas gift for your children or grandchildren.



          Simbans TangoTab XL 11 Inch Tablet with Detachable Keyboard


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