Battery of your Android device draining so fast?

Tablet Battery Drain Issues | Simbans TangoTab XL Tablet with Detachable Keyboard
How long does the battery of your Android device last usually? 5 hours? One day? Have you ever wondered why your tablet is running low on battery all of a sudden? It may be because of an app you just installed or it may be used up by your screen or wi-fi. All Android devices comes with a built-in battery manager which tells you how your battery is consumed since it was unplugged from the charger. 

​On your tablet, simply go to Settings > Device > Battery to see a list of all apps/ hardware components and how much power they have been using.
Tablet battery Usage | Simbans PicassoTab 10 Inch Standalone Drawing Tablet

There are a few actions you can take to reduce the power consumption according to the result shown by the battery manager:-
  • Display: Your screen and its backlight is probably always on the top of your list. As long as your screen is on, the consumption percentage will just keep on increasing. To save battery in this category, you may consider lowering the brightness of your device or turning the screen off when it is not in use.
  • Android system/ OS: This accounts for the total power consumption used by the underlying Android operating system.
  • Apps you installed: As you scroll down the list, you will see which app you installed consumes the most amount of power. Review your app utilization to check if any of the heavy power usage apps can be uninstalled.
  • Widgets: Widgets on your home screen are often running in the background non-stop, taking your battery and data. If you want to keep the power consumption to the minimal level, you should consider removing these widgets.
Apart from the above, you may switch to airplane mode or enter the power save mode on your device. These features exist to stop background syncing and help maximize the battery life. You may also restart your device so all the running apps are killed. Of course, you may leverage cleaning apps on Google Play Store. For example, Clean Master provides you a one tap phone boost function which is really useful. (Refer to our past blog post “Why no one talks about slow tablets anymore”.)
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I have done all the suggestions you have mentioned about my batteries fast draining issues but I am still having to keep my tablet plugged in now constantly. Is there a replacement battery for my Sim and Tango 10.1 5th generation MTK6168 that I can purchase?


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