Do you have a frozen and unresponsive tablet?

​​​Have you ever felt frustrated because your Android tablet crashed and became unresponsive? If you have never experienced such situation, I would say you have been extremely lucky! For those of you who come across frozen tablets once in a while, here are a few common steps you can perform to get it fixed. 

1. Keep calm. Do not panic. It is very likely your Android tablet just need a reboot and all your data, pictures and apps will still be there.
2. Press and hold the power key for 10-30 seconds till the tablet is completely powered off. Let it cool down for a minute then press the power button again to switch it on.
3. In case you cannot turn off your tablet, you will need to reset your tablet by either: 
  • Inserting a pin/clip to the small hole on the side of your tablet with the word “Reset” imprinted next to it. Remove the pin/clip when you reach the bottom of the hole and your tablet should reboot itself.
  • Pressing the power button and the increase volume button together for tablets without a reset option. Follow instructions on the screen and your device should reboot itself.
4. If you still do not get any response after performing the above, leave the tablet aside and let its battery drain. It should power off itself once the battery runs out. Charge the tablet and restart it. 

If none of the above works for your tablet, refer to the user manual of your tablet and follow the specific steps documented there. If you still have no clue on how to get it working, I suggest you contact your product retailer or manufacturer for further customer support.
After you restarted the tablet successfully, check if you have recently installed any app(s) which may not be compatible with your tablet or is crashing with your other core apps. Uninstall them to prevent future crash. There is a chance where your tablet is running out of memory or storage because you have installed too many apps on your tablet, causing the tablet to freeze. Try removing the apps you seldom use to free up the space and ensure a smooth user experience. Have fun :)
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